Great Hair Looks with Low Maintenance

A sewn-in weave can provide many great looks, some of which require very low maintenance. The hair for weaves can last for one or two years, if cared for properly. The hair is connected close to the scalp for a natural look. That means it needs to be taken out and re-applied every three months as the regular hair grows. In between applications, pre-conditioning is recommended before washing the hair to prevent it from drying out. Sleeping with hair twisted in a satin cap will retain moisture as well. Strands need to be as free flowing as possible to prevent splitting and frizzing.

Different styles require slightly different maintenance to help the hair hold the shape and bounce. Straight hairstyles, for example can be brushed with a paddle brush and then styled as desired. Virgin human hair is best because it has the cuticles intact and is not processed. Straight weaves can be flat-ironed, curled, blow dried, and bleached without permanently damaging the hair. Wave styles require a bit more maintenance to keep the bounce. Variations available include a natural wave, a body wave, and a deep wave style. Curl definers, and extra conditioning is needed for a full look that does not frizz.

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There are three curly weave hairstyles, and they require less maintenance that wave styles. A deep curl looks great in shorter lengths of up to ten inches, although longer lengths in this style are available. A kinky curl has a glamorous look, and the Afro curl s full ad thick in any length. It is not recommended to brush curl styles because the ends will shred. That results in a frizzy look that lacks definition. Proper maintenance for styling requires wetting the hair, combing through it gently with fingers, and applying curl definers. Braiding the hair once or twice a week before sleeping will help restore body and refine the curls.

Human hair is sold in bundles, and three or four bundles are usually needed for a full look, depending on the length of the style. Types of human hair available include Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian. Synthetic hair for weaves is also available, but is not favored because the feel is not as soft as human hair. It is less expensive to purchase, but does not last as long.

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